Fertility Patient Revolution Interview

with Dean Morbeck


I’m glad you’ve decided to join me here at The Fertility Patient Revolution.

You might wonder what I mean by a “revolution” and how I see this playing an important role for improving the journey. As a practicing embryologist/scientist for more than 20 years, I’ve seen from afar the impact this process has on you – the patient. I’ve seen confusion, misapplied treatment, heartbreak, and break-ups. The toll of infertility and particularly IVF can be devastating – and yet many are successful and thrive. A revolt is needed in the sense that patients take up a cause against their infertility and bring their best selves armed with good information.

Patients sharing stories of their journey – not only about the treatment but the emotional experience too. Sharing so that others going through the same process can connect with a virtual community and hear how you get through this. Because a big part of being successful is having the resilience to continue on the treatment journey.

Thank you for joining me on this mission and I will see you online!

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

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